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When the IWW appeared on the streets of Everett, Washington, in the summer of 1916, no one knew it would end in bloodshed. In the midst of a local shingle weavers’ strike, with picket-line fistfights and riots, the Wobblies arrived to speak at the city’s free-speech corner. Filled with fervor for their message of the One Big Union, they soon ran afoul of local authorities, including Sheriff Don McRae, a former president of the International Shingle Weavers’ union who had been elected twice with the help of organized labor.

A showdown over free speech began...

With stunning historical footage and expert analysis, Verona: The Story of the Everett Massacre reveals how the conflict between them that have and them that don’t destroys lives, not just in violent confrontations, but in the day-to-day existence of working people. With a style reminiscent of Ken Burns and Steve James, Verona tells this forgotten story and explores how those who have power and money continue to successfully turn the rest of us against each other.



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